Roadmap Update for Jan 2023

Products Roadmap Update

September 2021

  • Authentication ver.1
  • System foundation
  • Post Creation
  • New feature: Important Post
  • Newsfeed ver.1
  • User profile
  • Profile Settings
  • In-app Notification ver.1
  • Inner Circle Structure (ICS) concept ver.1
  • Beincom UI ver.1

March 2022

  • One-way navigation flow
  • Improve Inner Circle Struture concept ver.1
  • Email Notification ver.1
  • In-app Notification ver.2
  • Push Notification ver.1
  • Search Engine ver.1
  • Beincom UI ver.3 upgrade
  • BIC Chat foundation ver.1
  • Auto-login from BIC Group
  • Official Channels
  • Auto-sync 
  • Introducing BIR and BGT tokens
  • Smart Contract (ver.3)
  • New UI for Private Sale
  • Leader Board
  • Rankings and Rewards

September 2022

  • Upgrade: Beincom UI ver.4
  • Refactored webapp, apply Server Site Rendering
  • New feature: Mark important post as read
  • Feed Service ver.1
  • Improving UX flow for Post Creation
  • New feature: Format Toolbar
  • New feature: Supporting markdown format on mobile
  • New feature: Adding video, files to a post
  • New feature: Auto-save draft post
  • New feature: Interested-by
  • ICS enhancement: Introduce the Community concept
  • Improving Group Membership Management
  • Improving UI for post details
  • In-app Notification ver.2
  • Improved Password Flow
  • In-app Notification ver.3
  • Roles & Permissions of Community Level ver.1
  • Improving Privacy Definition of Community
  • Article Creation ver.1
  • Refactored System ver.2 (breaking change)
  • UI polishment
  • Inner Circle Struture (ICS) Synchronization ver.1
  • New feature: Group Direct Message
  • New feature: Quote to direct reply a message
  • New feature: Unofficial Channels
  • AWS migration
  • Microservice architecture
  • Smart Contract (ver.4)
  • Improving UI for Private Sale

March 2023

  • Email Template System
  • Permission Set for Account Level ver.1
  • Saved Items ver.1
  • KYC User Account
  • New feature: Default Group
  • New feature: Default Community
  • Admin Panel
  • System User Badges
  • Community Member Badges
  • New feature: Push-notification Settings ver.1
  • BIC Group App released on app stores (iOS, Android)
  • Web App sourcecode upgrade
  • Mobile App sourcecode upgrade
  • Backend sourcecode upgrade
  • Improving Inner Circle Structure (ICS) Synchronization ver.2
  • Two-way Synchronization with BIC Group
  • UI polishment
  • Improvement: Individual team for Direct Message
  • BIC Chat App released on app stores (iOS, Android)
  • Core Team Leaderboard ver.1
  • BIC Wallet ver.1

September 2023

  • Register: Invitation flow
  • Notification Settings ver.1
  • Improving Community Permissions: Custom Roles
  • Create Community and Group
  • Improvement: About of Community & Group
  • New feature: Scheduled Publishing
  • New feature: Disable Channel Settings
  • Article Creation improvement: Hashtag, Custom Categories
  • Upgrade: BIC Chat UI ver.2
  • New feature: Create Member Group
  • New feature: Add Member Group to Community
  • New feature: Mention Member Group
  • New feature: Add Poll to Channel ver.1
  • New feature: Add/Remove Members in Official Channel
  • New feature: Assign/Revoke Admin in Official Channel
  • NFT: BIC Platform Assets
  • NFT: User Assets
  • NFT: Exchange / Marketplace

March 2024

  • Groups Subscription Plans ver.1
  • Community Subscription Plans ver.1
  • BIC Owner Subsctiption Plans ver. 1
  • Payment Service ver.1
  • User Activity Log ver.1
  • Admin Panel improvement: Activity Log
  • Web3 Integration ver.1
  • BIC Wallet ver. 2

September 2024

  • New feature: Report content (moderation)
  • New feature: Report users (moderation)
  • BIC Personal Subscription Plans
  • New feature: Add Poll to Post/Article
  • Creating Event on Post ver.1
  • Admin Panel improvement: Moderation management
  • Admin Panel improvement: Dashboard ver.1
  • Web3 Integration ver.2
  • BIC Token Unlock Schedule implementation

March 2025

  • BIC Public Sale

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