Private Contribution

It is important to understand a few things before joining private contribution, so you’ve got to take some time to read through this.

Private Sale 1 (PS1) ended on Jun 30, 2022.

Private Sale 2 (PS2) starts in Aug 2022, lasts for 27 months and will terminate automatically when that month’s BIC is fully distributed.

Quantity: Starting from 3,000,000 BIC then gradually decreasing by 30,000 BIC per month. Thus, the amount to be spent on the last month of PS2 (Oct 2024) must be no greater than 2,220,000 BIC.

Conversion Rate: Starting at 0.033 BUSD then gradually increasing by 0.003 BUSD per month. By October 2024, BIC’s price could reach 0.111 BUSD.

The law of supply and demand is also applied to BIC (the more people understand the value of BIC, the faster it will reach its true worth). With people recognizing “BIC under 1 USD is a good deal” and the Beincom Core Team working hard to develop products in 2022, BIC could maintain a steady rise. 

The Founding round is the foundation of Beincom and private contribution plays the central pillar in supporting that, so quality must be a priority. The Private Contribution round will succeed when there is a well-organized, trusted, and disciplined community.

You have your own decision to make on whether or not you want to buy BIC. You can buy now to “be in” as the early adopters or get in later. There is no telling what the future holds for BIC, but we are confident it will be widely purchased. That is why we at Beincom like the saying: “Those who believe without seeing are blessed”.

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