Partnership with EVOL

Established in 2009, EVOL GROUP focused on two core business segments: publishing and education. After 14 years of development, 6 proud member companies have come into existence.

Without the first bricks put into place by EVOL, everything associated with the project will be challenging to bring to fruition. While Beincom is in the very early stage of a startup, EVOL offers strong support by proactively managing accounting, marketing, PR, and more operations.

Why we choose EVOL
as a strategic partner?

EVOL GROUP provides cutting-edge facilities with a professional event space, permitting Beincom to arrange community events, educational webinars, and conferences.

The experience EVOL has gained from having been in operation for 14 years will serve as a valuable reminder for Beincom.

Last but not least, EVOL also grants Beincom access to a massive community of more than 200,000 customers. 

In what way can EVOL
devote to our success?

Efficient administration system

By learning from EVOL’s refined model and practical application, we will get the engine to run as fast as a startup but as organized as an established company.

Strong company culture

Company culture is the key to any successful business. Ideas such as respecting individual differences in personality will be passed down and fostered. Evoking and encouraging self-expression, and respecting the entire company’s interest above any individual’s are some distinctive management philosophies by EVOL. These concepts deeply drench and propel every member to upgrade and contribute more. 

That is why HR Asia unsurprisingly identified EVOL as one of the top working environments in Asia in 2022, with a total score of 4.65/5, surpassing the Vietnam standard score of 3.86. Check this article for more information.

Established management system

Management can be a fatal weakness for startup companies for they have zeal but little experience. Beincom can take action to attain excellent outcomes but still maintain inside the permitted limit thanks to EVOL’s assistance. EVOL is catering to Beincom with major benefits of the most ingenious personnel, modern facilities, and competent management process.

EVOL serves as not only a patron but also a valuable strategic partner of this project. It takes substantial capacity and experience to make a diversified company work and win customers’ hearts. In particular, this partner has demonstrated the capability to deal with unforeseen circumstances, such as the COVID-19 outbreak, while retaining its support and allowing Beincom to gain traction. That is when we know we can utterly trust and rely on this partner.