Human of Beincom

We founded Beincom amid a global pandemic

Human of Beincom

The best success stories all start with difficulties and hardships, so people often think it must take difficulties and hardships to create success. But that isn’t the case

Difficulties and hardships are just tests for those who want to succeed, not what creates success. Because many people dream of success but are afraid of everything: difficulties, suffering, risks, time loss, going broke… Beincom Core Team isn’t such people.

Beincom Core Team was gathered amid the Covid-19 chaos in Vietnam. The global pandemic has taken its toll on every business and everyone feared losing their current jobs with good salaries. Yet, we still have some people willing to leave big tech corporations (SeA Group, Vin Group, Gameloft, Lazada Group, MoMo…) to work for Beincom.

Not to mention when the pandemic was at its peak in Ho Chi Minh City, the authorities had banned people from going outdoors and suspended all activities, except for emergencies and pandemic-related operations. Of course, our office was completely sealed off, with no entry and exit for at least 15 days.

To keep the project going, but still strictly follow the regulations, our team decided to gather up and isolate themselves at the office. They ate together, slept together, and worked together at a place they dearly called HOME – but there were no soft mattresses, no warm blankets, no blood-related family members.

And with all due respect, we have to mention their families at home as well. Some members were leaving their spouses and children during this quarantine period to stay at the office. The sacrifice was not limited to our team, but also their families.

And with all due respect, we must also mention their families at home as well. Some core team members were leaving their spouses and children during this quarantine period to stay at the office. The sacrifice was not limited to our core team but also to their families.

It is flawed not to mention our only two female programmers at the time. Despite the inconvenience of being isolated at the office, they still volunteered to stay. They wanted to keep this project going at full speed. They wanted this project to become a tech unicorn. Who says programming is not for women? Who says women can’t be more ambitious than men?

These are reasons why we have complete faith in the success of Beincom. Our greatest asset is the people. We have great, young, brilliant people willing to sacrifice and fight for a better future. We are Beincom Core Team, and we have found a place to be in.

Meet the team

A group of like-minded individuals has joined forces to pursue one shared objective. We believe our skilled team members possess the resourcefulness and motivation to fulfill ambitious goals.

Kenny Tran

Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer

Nhut Duong

Chief Technology Officer

Katie Uong

Chief Operating Officer

Tiffany Pham

Chief People Officer

Nhi Nguyen

Marketing Director

Hoang Le

Senior Engineering Manager

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