Founder’s story

You might fall on many obstacles, but that doesn’t mean you can't continue your journey.

Kenny Tran, Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Beincom, believes that no matter how many times you stumble, you should never give up in your pursuit of success. Ultimately, your success can benefit many people with correct thinking and actions.  

Several bumps
along the way

In 2007, he quit his high-paid job at one of the largest technology giants in the world to embark on the entrepreneurial path. His first “life gamble” cost him 250,000 USD. 

Regardless of his promising career, he left Singapore to go back to his hometown in 2009. His second “life gamble” took away almost all of his money due to deceit and betrayal.  

In 2014, Kenny sought to raise capital from some of his employees but lost more than 80% of it 3 years later. Facing the risk of losing money, some of them who used to love and idolize him began to doubt, slander, and even turn their backs on him. Kenny reimbursed all those employees and bore all the losses with his own money. Another life gamble that he couldn’t win.

In 2020, Kenny realized that a few people he had trusted with all his heart for years weren’t what they seemed to be. He didn’t lose a single penny this time, but his faith got stained.

A silver lining
called “Beincom”

He was lucky enough to have won the big gamble of his life at the age of 40. As a multi-millionaire, now it is more than enough for him to retire and live comfortably until old age. But deep down, he knows his desire is bigger than that. Being a public figure, having been loved and trusted unconditionally over the last 10 years inspires him to thrive with eagerness and give back to the community. That is the first brick of a social community network called Beincom.

Kenny committed to Beincom and dedicated his time, money, mind, and heart to the project. He put his reputation and honor on the line as well. This would be his last big project, so becoming the next blockchain tech unicorn is a must, and he wished it would bring the community a more prosperous, content and happy life.

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