Contract address

BIR is used to express gratitude and appreciation to members’ contributions to the community (support events, introduce new members…).

  • BIR is not locked and can be traded immediately.
  • To prevent excess stockpiling, both old and new members are only allowed to buy a maximum of 3 million BIC. BIR is a great tool as it helps you break the 3 million BIC limit.
  • With BIR, we don’t need to give out BIC to enthusiastic members every time they make practical contributions. This assures the value of BIC is at its highest level.
  • In Private Sales, each person can only exchange up to 3 million BIC without BIR. Apply this formula if you have more than 3 million BIC: 1 BIC = 1 BIR + (x)BUSD.
  • Thanks to BIR, BIC will be distributed evenly to the community so that everyone has a chance to own more than 3 million BIC.

As mentioned above, some people need to purchase BIR. That will motivate the rest of our community to believe in BIC and enthusiastically participate in many community campaigns, paving the way for a successful product. Beincomm’s economic engine will continue to function even while the BIC remains locked.