Beincomm's Investors

Unlike other technology companies, Beincomm does not seek funding from venture capital organizations or prominent “sharks”, but from the community itself. Since Beincomm is a project for the community, the real “angel investor” is none other than each and every community member who participated in this project and are contributing to its development. Rather than letting large businesses take the biggest part of the pie, we want to empower individuals by offering equal opportunities. It’s not out of the question for us to cancel the venture capital round if Beincomm has enough potential.

As an investor, you must learn about the project thoroughly before making any investment for your own good. On the flip side, Beincomm is also responsible for your contributions by keeping an unwavering focus to make the project succeed. Your contributions to the project are recognized and rewarded through BIC and 2 tokens: BGT and BIR.

We encourage you to clearly look into the project’s viability prior to investing. If you find our line of direction and path are equivalent, you’re more than welcome to be part of an innovative, future-facing social community network and more.